The following are descriptions of various terms and procedures used by the BBB:

Advertising Table: Usually located to the right of the entry door, the advertising table can hold any advertisement or announcement pertinent to the BBB or to your individual business such as flyers, events or specials.

Business Box: The business box is used by members to distribute their business cards and to collect other members’ cards for distribution. This box also contains thank you notes. During a weekly meeting, the business box is passed around the group after weekly reports.

Business Coach: Also known as the BBB’s Mentor, the business coach provides lead and referral education to all members of the BBB and conducts new member orientations.

Chat Meetings: A chat meeting is an extended meeting between two members on a regular basis. The purpose of a chat meeting is to learn about each other’s business for the purpose of determining how best to provide referrals for each other. It is hoped that over the period of a year, each member will chat at least once with every other member of the group.

Elevator Speech: An elevator speech is your “quick description” of your business or service. During a weekly meeting, each member is encouraged to spend 1 minute on this speech. The purpose of this exercise is not only to keep our meetings within a designated time frame, but also to provide “practice” to each of our members to prepare them to articulate their purpose in a more formal setting such as a Chamber of Commerce event.

Referral Basket: The referral basket is passed around during a weekly meeting for members to drop in referrals, thank you notes and money for meeting violations. (See Policies)

Referral Sheet: The referral sheet is a 3-part sheet used to convey referrals to other members. The top (white) part is filled out and given directly to the member it is for. The middle (green) part is deposited in the referral basket. The bottom part is for your own records.


Thank You Note: Thank you notes are an important part of our weekly meetings and are located in the Business Box. The BBB uses thank you notes anytime you are given a referral from another member; be sure to include a dollar amount on the thank you note for our Treasurer’s records. Thank you notes are also used whenever a referral results in further business for your company. For example: Susan gives Peter a referral to contact her mother, who needs some interior paintwork done. After Peter enters into a contract with Susan’s mother, he fills out a thank you note for Susan at the next weekly meeting and drops it into the referral basket. Three weeks after Peter completes his contract with Susan’s mother, Mr. Smith, who lives across the street from Susan’s mom, contacts Peter to paint the exterior of his home because Susan’s mom has been raving about what a great job Peter did on her own house. At the next weekly meeting, Peter fills out another thank you note for Susan, whose original referral led to Mr. Smith.

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