1.  Attendance is critical to the success of the organization. Regular, consistent attendance and active participation is required and when members are unable to attend a BBB meeting, the following process (1.1) should be followed to make sure you are not charged with an absence.  If a member has an attendance issue or conflict it is highly recommended that they contact the membership committee and/or leadership to assist the member in managing it as soon as possible.

Total attendance at BBB meetings unless otherwise arranged with BBB (leave of absences, etc.) must equal or exceed 75 percentage (approx: 3 per month on average) even if you have followed 1.1 below.  BBB typically meets every Thursday except for major holidays and Pittsfield School snow days. 

If a member cannot attend a BBB meeting the member should:

1.1 Notify the retention specialist by 8:00am the day of the meeting, and send a substitute from the same business. This is not considered an absence.

1.1.1 An alternative to a substitute is to have an excused absence. An excused absence means you have arranged for someone else in the BBB to read your one-minute memo, and to notify the retention specialist who that person is that will be reading your one-minute memo. 

1.1.2 Failure to do the above, will constitute an unexcused absence.  Four (4) unexcused absences are allowed for the calendar year or you will forfeit your seat. 

1.1.3 When the second unexcused absence occurs, the retention specialist will send an email to as well as phone the BBB member reminding them of attendance requirements.  When the third unexcused absence occurs, the retention specialist will send a second email reminding the member that a fourth unexcused absence will result in forfeiting of their seat. When the fourth unexcused absence occurs, the retention specialist will notify the member that their seat has been forfeited and also notify the entire BBB. A member has the right to appeal termination of said seat based on mitigating circumstances. This appeal shall be made within 2 weeks of the notification and will be voted upon by the group.

1.2  The retention specialist will notify the member that their seat has been forfeited. The retention specialist will review attendance after each two month period and notify any member who has missed 2 or more meetings i.e. has not met the required 75% attendance to date.

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