Every business owner should have at the tip of their tongue a 60 second presentation (often called an “elevator speech”) that describes their business as succinctly as possible.

At each meeting, every member is given the opportunity to give this speech in front of the members. This allows members to practice their pitch in a no-stress environment, and over the course of time, to hone the speech to its essential elements and perfect the timing of it.

Here are some tips for an effective 60-second presentation:

  • Create a written script for yourself!
  • Start with your name and your company.
  • Think about what you want your prospect (and BBB members) to know about the service or product(s) that you offer, and then give them highlights of information (not volumes). Keep it simple and straightforward.
  • Tell the members what constitutes a good referral for you or ask for a specific referral.
  • End with your name and company again, along with a “tag-line” that will remind people of what you do.



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