1. President opens meeting and welcomes guest speakers and visitors.
  2. President identifies officers and specialists and requests weekly reports.
  3. President passes around the Business Box. Members will add their own business cards to the box and take other members’ cards as needed. Members also take thank you notes as needed.
  4. President calls upon different members each week and asks a question such as “Why did you join the organization?” or “What has this organization done for you?” or “What are your expectations from this organization?” or “What have you done for the organization or its members?”
  5. The president welcomes new members to the group and conducts the induction ceremony (responsive reading of the BBB Code of Ethics).
  6. Each member gives a presentation of his/ her business. Members are encouraged to spend 1 minute on this “elevator speech”.
  7. President welcomes and introduces visitors (that are prospective members) and invites them to give a 2-minute presentation of their business.
  8. Visitor Host introduces the speaker of the week, which could be any of the following:
    1. A member giving a 15 minute presentation of their business including questions and answers.
    2. The Business Coach/Mentor giving lead and referral education.
    3. Guest speakers from outside the organization.
  9. President passes the referral basket.  Each member drops in a referral or thank you note for another member. This time is also used for informal thank you’s to any member, visitor or guest speaker.
  10. President leads discussion of any open issues to be closed, resolved or voted on.
  11. President asks for any new business to be discussed.
  12. President closes meeting.
  13. Mentor conducts new member orientations.Visitor Host conducts visitor orientations.
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