The positions shown here are roles that will be filled by members of the organization. 
At any given time, one person may fill several of these roles.  
There are three teams – Leadership, Education, and Marketing



President: Conducts the weekly meeting, provides direction and education to members on the principles of our referral networking group; in conjunction with the Vice President and Treasurer, and maintains the BBB’s bank account. Has quarterly review with membership.

Vice President: Fills in for the president as needed. Creates updates and provides weekly agenda sheets for meetings; checks references of prospective members; and in conjunction with the President and Treasurer, maintains the BBB’s bank account.

Secretary: Records any weekly meeting votes, shares vote details at next meeting and emails important information/votes to all membership. Tabulates votes for BBB Leadership and other positions and recruits members to assume roles for coming year in the Nov/Dec. timeframe based on those tabulated votes.  Records and provides minutes from Leadership Team meetings.  Provides general correspondence as needed.

Treasurer: Collects dues, referrals and thank you notes; maintains BBB’s accounting; reports the BBB’s financial condition weekly; reports the following statistics weekly:

• Weekly, Month-to-date and Year-to-Date number of referrals

• Weekly, Month-to-date and Year-to-Date number of thank you notes, and

• Year-to-Date total of Referral values

Provides a quarterly review of the BBB’s finances, referrals, and thank you notes.  Keeps track of new member source for $10.00 renewal discount. In-conjunction with the President and Vice President, maintains the BBB’s bank account.



Speaker Introductions: Requests a written bio from upcoming speaker week or two before presentation. Introduces the speaker's so that BBB Members learn more about the Speaker’s family situation, educational background, work experience (including positions held or special projects they've managed or worked on), hobbies or favorite pastimes, volunteer positions and any other interesting points the members may not already know about the Speaker). If cannot attend a session and complete the speaker introduction, finds another BBB member to fill in and sends bio to them for that purpose.  

Visitor Host: Greets and signs in any visitor; obtains contact information from visitors for a follow up note. 

Chat Coordinator:  Provides a chat log for the group and records the weekly number of chats; encourages members to schedule chat meetings with fellow members. Each member is encouraged to have a chat with each other member at least once a year at one of the members' places of business, if appropriate and practical. 

Mentor: Provides weekly mentor reflection. Puts together binders for new members including title page, code of ethics, by-laws and name tags, and distributes and reviews the membership binder with each new member and answers any questions they may have. Provides coaching to new members in articulating their elevator speeches and/or 15 minute presentations. The Mentor should address the issue of low/no referral activity with the members as needed. 

Retention Specialist:  Shares weekly status regarding attendance at each meeting. Contacts members who are absent from a weekly meeting (who have not provided a substitute or who have exceeded their number of absences); answers any questions or concerns that members may have if they are unsure about remaining a member of the BBB; keeps a record of overall attendance, unexcused absences, etc. for each member. Sends out a quarterly summary of attendance statement to all members. 

Timer: Keeps meetings on track by timing the members as they give their 1-minute "elevator speech" and times the speaker-of-the-week as they give their 15-minute presentation. Gently reminds members when their time is up.



Social Media Coordinator: Develops and maintains the BBB's Facebook page.  Responsible for promoting the Presenter-of-the-Week on the Facebook page and reminding Members to provide information a couple weeks prior to their presentation date to ensure timely posting.  Works with Events Coordinator on large promotional functions for the membership.  

Events Planner: Responsible for planning quarterly developmental/social functions for the group. Any large functions pertaining to marketing the BBB are a shared responsibility with the Marketing Coordinator.

Web Master: Develops and maintains the BBB’s website; provides members with login information as required.


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