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New England Security Center
55 Church Street
United States
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Business Information

Business Information:

Providing Home Security Systems & Commercial Security Systems in the Berkshires Since 1978!

Started business in 1978, goal: to protect homes and small businesses in Berkshire County. We have several licensed technicians who are constantly learning new technology. Each technician needs a systems tech electrical license, have public safety clearance. Of course we carry liability and workers comp insurance.

Today we have over 1200 monitored security system customers, many others use Closed Circuit TV observation systems, access control and entry systems.

We provide burglary, fire, low temperature, water detection for homes and businesses. We protect from a single apartment to multiple building goverments buildings. We do simple fire systems in homes to complicated fire, CO and environmental detection systems augmented with access control, and cctv monitoring systems you can watch from anywhere. "Stuff" protection is secondary though to protecting life.

"We save lives for a living!" is our motto

SERVICE is an important and vital part of our business. We say we offer "Amazing Service"

Our customers may have homes and businesses in Berkshire County, but they are from New York, Boston, Florida, Arizona and even Europe. Our customers are "just" simply a Berkshire County resident to playwrights, scientists, movie stars, directors, artists, and photographers who travel all over the world.

We protect places like Tanglewood, Berkshire Community College, Berkshire Medical Center, including Fairview and Hillcrest campus', Girls & Boy's Club, Gladys Brigham Center, Bear Care, Camp Stevenson as well as Guido's many many restaurants, churches and schools and even our airport.

We work with many developers and contractors. We have systems in million $$ homes to a garage. We also provide fire systems for many aprtments buildings from North Adams to Gt Barrington.

Who is our most important customer... YOU!

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